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Our History
History of El Rincon

  The town of Rincon became a Mecca for traveling surfers following the Amateur World Surfing Contest in 1968. In response to the needs of those traveling surfers some small surf shops cropped up on the island supplying the usual basic surf goods. The original El Rincon Surf/Beach Shop began as a small hippy/surfer shop in the plaza of Rincon in 1976, offering wax, t-shirts, shell candles, palm frond hats, baskets, bikinis and local surfboards. The first owners Jack and Nancy Griek wanted an outlet to sell their handcrafted resin tables and offer a selection of surf wear and accessories. The crafts and gift items were in a separate section called, The Giving Tree. At the time, the town of Rincon was the haven for waved-starved surfers from the States. On the island, surfers from both the East and West coasts of the mainland found an idyllic site here with abundant fruit, un-crowded and consistent warm water waves and cheap places to crash. Some surfers even camped out on the beaches or made makeshift tree houses. Soon however, the crowds were looking for bigger and juicier waves and began migrating towards the North Shore of Puerto Rico!

With the closing of Ramey Air Force Base in 1973-74, new surfing options were opened with access to Wilderness and Surfers Beach, which were the Air Mens and Air Force dependents private wave pool. Base housing was turned over to the Puerto Rican government, who in turn sold formerly prime locations for a modest price. The owners of el Rincon joined the wave of big wave surfers in search of low cost rent and a surf fest of rideable waves. Jack and Nancy brought El Rincon up to Aguadilla in 1978, outside of what was known as, Gate One, in Air Force lingo. Later, around 1981, when circumstances forced the couple to sell, a longtime friend and fellow surfer from Long Island, Roger Auringer bought the shop and decided to keep the name, El Rincon Surf Shop. Merchandise was expanded to include more accessories, sandals, sunglasses, stickers, baggies, bikinis and surf leashes. Roger hired a couple of friends, Gay, John, Chris and Ariana to help him run the store and help with the buying. At the time, it was the only surf shop in Aguadilla.

In the 80s, the scene was beginning to change as the number of local surfers was ever increasing. The mainland surf/skate industry was also growing and looking for the worldwide tropical market. Brands such as Quicksilver, Billabong, Maui & Sons, G&S, T&C, OP, Local Motion and Powell/Peralta were becoming popular on the island. The Europeans were starting to visit and promote windsurfing with early sailboard brands like Mistral and Windsurfer. Roger, the principal owner decided to bring in Chris Morgan as a partner in the early 80s so he could continue to surf and sail when conditions allowed. The shop inventory increased again and surf/skate/windsurf events promoted by Roger, Chris and Ariana attracted even more attention to El Rincon and the area. The timing was right and the resources were ample. (At one time, El Rincon even sold and rented dive equipment!) Moreover, contests such as the Killer Loop and Loka Ola Pro brought people from around the island, the states and even Europe to the Northwest coast!

Soon however, Roger and Chris needed a larger and safer location and decided to look for a better locale that would bring walk-by traffic and provide more space. El Rincon decided to expand its hard and soft goods and moved onto the base to the newly formed Ramey Shopping Center. They hired and brought with them an incredible sales staff who came to be known as the el Rincon Girls (headed by Yoli, Margaret and Jackie) and later hired a hot team of local surfers to help with the hard goods, as well as sales. Together with friends, El Rincon hosted several contests and created a formidable surf/skate/windsurf team sponsoring some strong talent including Carlos Cabrero, Alberto Licha, Cocolo Torres, Buddy Pelletier, Dickie Villanueva, Jessie Caraballo and Douglas Negroni. The Amateur World Surfing Contest held in 1988 at Surfers Beach put Aguadilla on the surf circuit. Additionally, the international surf contest, The Body Glove Pro, was held in 1989 and with it brought a flurry of neon and neoprene swimwear and accessories that created a sensation with the locals. The surf lifestyle was here to stay! As a consequence of magazine coverage in Surfers and Windsurf and professional surfing contests such as the Body Glove Pro, internationally known hotties soon flew down to catch the prized waves.

Since then, many changes have occurred that have impacted the surf scene and El Rincon as well. The surf brands have blossomed and some have wilted and died. Other surf shops have opened; some have since closed. Travel has gotten more affordable and PR is an international destination with media coverage throughout the world. The Internet has created instant access to surf breaks and once inside information is now public. The surf population has changed to include many young surfers, females and, of course, more mature surfers. There remains one constant, and that is the spirit of El Rincon as a friendly, helpful and classic shop that respects the island culture, the environment and the flow.

Now, we go forward with new energy to meet the needs of a new clientele, new friends and employees with a fresh outlook, but never forgetting our roots. Surfing has turned into a family sport and surf shops have turned into family businesses. Thanks to new vision and creativity we hope to propel ourselves and continue to meet the needs of the community. Stop by, grab a map and say hi to our el Rincon girls: Ashley, Nicole, Alexandra, Bridget, Laura, and Ariana!